Hey. I’m Sonia and welcome to my blog, Live Big, Stay Curious.

Somewhere on Haast Pass, NZ
Blue Pools on Haast Pass, NZ, ’16.

Here is where I will share with you stories collected over the past ten+ years of traveling and more as I continue to travel. I have been asked many times throughout the years why I never wrote a blog. I don’t know. I just never did. What I should say is, I was busy living life instead of sitting in front of a computer, documenting it all.

Snapshot from my 2nd Burningman.
Snapshot from my 2nd Burningman, ’08.

As I’ve gotten older, read other blogs, I see the value these stories could have for readers. How one could deliver insights in unique ways. The people and experiences I have met and had on my travels have moved me in incredible ways that I never knew I could be moved. I am always surprised by what people take away from my storytelling.

I truly believe that I am in the world to remind those I come in contact with, the importance of human connection. I’m not afraid to share my war stories- those are what unite us. I write the way I talk, as if you are sitting in front of me, and I try to be as real and authentic as I know how. So, I hope what I share are experiences that most of you can relate to.

Passing time in the airport
Passing time in the airport, ’12.

I have done most of my traveling alone and I enjoy the times that I am with people and not. All experiences deliver different lessons, insights, challenges, and successes.

I will write and share as honestly as I can. Some entries may include explicit material and for that, I’m not sorry. I absolutely do not promote or condone the things I have seen or done but I won’t apologize for them either. They have contributed this to this wild and crazy experience called “Life” and I am thankful to all people, animals, inanimate and animate objects that have given to me, a bit of themselves to add to my life story. We all make mistakes, we all have amazing successes and we are always in state of learning. Well, most of us anyway.

I am not here to sell you merchandise; new products to keep rain out of your tent or where I bought what outfit or whatever. So, I will quickly tell you what I care about (not in any particular order); shoes, glasses, funny socks, art, books, massages and a good perfume. However, I will share with you what minimal gadgets and gizmos I own and whether they serve me or not; beauty products, electronics, music, camping equipment, restaurants, and other random things that interest me. Hopefully, something will move you.

Cabo Wabo
Three days of dream-life in Cabo. Thank You, job! ’11.

Well, I started this intro not knowing what I would write and I’ve written a page and a half. So, to finish, I will leave you with this thought:

This world is meant to be seen and enjoyed. Ask questions, be an active participant in your life, make mistakes, respect others’ perspectives- we all have different life paths, get into nature, have compassion for yourself, enjoy time alone, read, respect our world and its resources, get a passport, taste new foods- even the ones that make you think “Eww”, talk to people about anything and everything- share your war stories- those are what bind us, get dirty, love a lot and as much as you can, smile more and direct those smiles at people, work less, treat yourself with a respect that motivates others, buy less, do the things that scare you to death, travel more, and ABOVE ALL, believe deeply in the power of human connection; LIVE BIG AND STAY CURIOUS.

Airport Hangs
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment/email/contact me and share your personal stories of awesomeness!
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