So, I totally fell off the blogging for a second there. In my defense, I’ve been doing so much cool shit, I don’t even have time to talk about it, it’s sooooo cool. So, now I wanna share with you what I’ve been master-minding.

I got here and I was a bit stressed to look for work but to be honest, everyone is hiring. There are places that are literally begging people to take work. It’s great. In the beginning, I took on a job M-F, for two hours in the afternoon but then I realized that most of the better paying jobs want you available all weekend. Suddenly, I found myself working seven days a week and trying to justify it but I found that I had not time to write. And this, LBSC was starting to suffer. By the grace of god somehow, I was granted an easy exit from the M-F job and now, I am only with a single school and teaching a lot for them.

It’s been crazy. I have not been having enough time to sit here and just write. It takes a lot of time. I get why people use SnapChat and Instagram movie thingy…it’s way faster. But anyway, it’s not that I’ve been neglecting LBSC but that since I arrived here I have been banging out side projects like crazy. All these small things I have wanted to do, I am suddenly able to start realizing them.

I bought my first motorcycle. I promptly named it Jackie Chan. It’s so slick, there’s sauce everywhere. It’s a Honda Win. I was told I should not buy a Honda Win and I definitely should not buy a bike from a tourist. So, that’s exactly what I did and that’s how I found Jackie. Yeah, I probably should have shopped around and gotten a better bike or whatever, but I actually want to learn about mechanical things. Well….it needs a bit more work than originally thought. Probably illegal and most likely stolen, or so my Vietnamese landlord’s father tells me. All that noted, it’s mine. It’s a total POS. My buddy, Keith, came over to help me fix ‘er up and get on ‘er and well, we found that the carburetor needed to be replaced, the throttle was popping out, the front brakes didn’t really exist, and the paint job that had been done on it was gunking up all the little bits and bobs that used to turn freely. I guess I just got excited and moved too quick when i purchased but really, for $200 bones? I’ve spent money in worse ways.

So, Jackie Chan looking all stealth and shiiiiiit, like some sleek, chic moto-ninja getaway mobile.

On the flip side of that shiny coin, already, I have learned LOADS about fixing and checking small things on the bike. My Vietnamese landlord’s father set up a fix with his trusted mechanic. They came and picked the bike up and drove it off, I had diagnostics by 6pm, and they will drop it off to the house at 5pm, today. Talk about service.

The perks of living in D5 and having a bomb landlord.

NEXT…..I have an obsession with wanting to make clothes but I can’t be responsible for sewing them up. I’ve simply not the time, nor the cash, nor the time. But I do have ideas and access to fairly priced fabrics and tailors. I’ve been hitting the fabric market hard. Got some dresses in the works. Will be fun to see what happens to this idea.

More to come on that topic when I know what I’m doing with it all…

I’m starting a community page on my blog. I feel like I meet so many people that are doing really interesting and creative things that inspire me, especially in the wellness, art, and writing/ideas (thought) categories. I also know that running a blog is wicked hard, not to mention time consuming and brain-wracking. But, what if there was a place where you could display your ideas, maybe meet people for collaborations, get more attention for what you are doing without having to commit to a certain number of articles. LBSC is pushing to become a community where people can connect, read about other’s projects, get inspired, and leave feeling more powerful to achieve their dreams, having learnt something valuable. My aim is to keep it positive; as the byline reads, “Spreading Courage, Curiosity, and Mindfulness World Wide”. I’ll be accepting contributions on an ongoing basis so, if anyone feels inspired to contribute please contact me via I hope to get that up and running by the New Year.

Add in trying to have a social life, it’s been a real doozy, transitioning. This time, I have not done any research on HCMC. I haven’t been adventuring around in town, rather getting to know more people, night life, work life. I’ve been letting other people do all the introducing. It’s actually really nice to just take a back seat to organizing adventures to people who really know what and where. I just follow on Jackie Chan, enjoying the ride.

And, I finally feel like I have enough projects in the works to last me through the end of the year. So, there’s catch up on what’s I’ve been doing. New posts coming soon. Feeling like I’m out of my transitioning funk and back to the grind for y’all’s entertainment.

It’s weird, after having traveled again, for so long, I’m having this restlessness… literally keeps me up at night. This buzz that takes over my whole body, whispering muevelo but instead of doing it with my body, I’m trying to do it with my passions…movingĀ those ahead or at least realizing them to a certain point where I can see if they are logical or not. Remembering the perks of being somewhere for a extended time. I like to travel and be in one place for 1-3 months; build friendships, get to know the dealio of the that place. Even when I was living in the USA, I was always traveling every 3 months. It’s this innate restlessness. When you move so much, anywhere you are is where you live; it’s wherever your rucksack is, really. I find myself saying, “I’m going home”, even when I am staying in a hostel/hotel! Me and Jones got a joke about whether or not I remember what city I am in. Sometimes, the struggle is real.

It sounds probably like an asshole thing to say because, yes, I live a good life of travel but it’s an expensive addiction. I don’t get paid to do it (yet)….probably because I don’t know what I am doing (but that’s the point of doing it), I’m not a trust-fund kid (though, really in a sense, I am as I trust I will have funds)…’s all about this curiosity for this world that I keep thinking about.

I have to cut that long thought paragraph or my SEO will tell me my keywords are wrong, I’ve exceeded my word limit and I should probably seriously consider stopping to blog, all together.

A constant balance between feeling like you haven’t seen enough and remembering to feel blessed for how much you have seen. A strange twist to have on the whole glass half full/empty.

Well, that’s the hell where I’ve been and the things I’ve been rolling around in my noggin’.

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