Let’s be adventurers, reckless and gay.
Let us jump from rocky cliffs,
clutching knees and squealing in delight
as we make gargantuan splashes into deep seas of bluey-green.
Let us run down dark alleyways
and lose ourselves completely in a bright-eyed stranger.
Let us sweat and laugh and leap
and become breathless chasing butterflies in a field of green.
Let us lay in a bed of flowers reading poetry and writing lyrics.
Let us learn to let music reverberate through blood;
gritty, raw and coarse,
shaking us to our souls.
And then when evening fills the sky with gold and pink
and bright splashes of orange,
let us fall still and meditate.
and alone
till the stars come out
and crickets begin to sing.
Then come,
come listen to the silence with me.

-Christel Geralyn

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